Crazy easy homemade artisan bread {only 4 ingredients!} - It's Always Autumn


Learn how to make this easy artisan bread. Only 4 ingredients in the recipe and 5 minutes of work for beautiful crusty, soft and tender homemade bread.


  1. Posted by mlegirl, — Reply

    The longer you leave it to ferment the larger and more the bubbles which is okay if you're just using to dip in soup but not so great to hold a sandwich together. Adjust/Plan accordingly.

  2. Posted by marinashuler, — Reply

    Works great! People who claim that this rec. did not work don't know what 1.5 cups means! I looked at the comments and was blown away how unintelligent some people are.

  3. Posted by meglee125, — Reply

    Delish, makes your house smell amazing and it's veritile. I added roasted garlic and rosemary to the dough before cooking. Hubby requests this often.

  4. Posted by vivaciousviolet, — Reply

    Super easy to make and delicious! My family loved it! I let mine sit nearly a full 24 hours before baking. I’m at high altitude so I think that helped.

  5. Posted by thomasrosato201, — Reply

    Perfect ,just took it out , waited to cool (that the hardest part) , The smell,the color,the crisp, oh so good .... Its all gone , going to mix up another for tomorrow...unbelievable.I've spent hours making other dough,this is just as good if not better .thank you Autumn, Tom

  6. Posted by regginabradshaw, — Reply

    This is the easiest bread recipe, ever! I have to make two loaves at a time! Thank you Megan Davis, I will definitely try adding herbs, too!

  7. Posted by livstrong94, — Reply

    Add herbs de provence, so amazing! I also substituted one of the cups for flour for oat flour, it came out without air pockets but remained very moist. I can't wait to make this again!

  8. Posted by anginsamagc, — Reply

    I added a dash of garlic powder and parsley, as well as 1tsp sugar. I let rise 22hrs, punching down four times. Delicious, and so easy for someone who is intimidated by the process!

  9. Posted by jjschmidt, — Reply

    This bread was amazing! The recipe was super easy. It was great slathered with butter dipped in soup. I'll bet it's delicious toasted or for sandwiches.

  10. Posted by kindigneumann, — Reply

    can't believe how easy this was - or how well it turned out. i've always been terrible at bread, but there is no way to mess this one up. comes out so crusty and with a great texture inside. will be making this a million times in the future.

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