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  1. Posted by mollie_ellis07, — Reply

    *0 mo- 2ish y* I love naps *2ish y-5ish y* I don’t need a nap ima big kid and I only go to bed at bed time 15ish y- the rest of your life* please just let me sleep all day! I don’t want to person

  2. Posted by boreooo89, — Reply

    It's actually pretty accurate. My 13 month old naps usually once in the morning and once in the afternoon and sleeps for about 10 hours at night.

  3. Posted by bynymoosen, — Reply

    15-22 years, 3-5 naps, 12-14 hours at night, 16-18 hours total. 30+ years, 1-2 (accidental) naps, 3-4 hours at night, 4-5 hours total.

  4. Posted by YeetWithPassionNotFashion, — Reply

    When my younger sister was 2 months she had 0-1 naps 2 if she didn’t get much sleep the previous night

  5. Posted by nmchristopher, — Reply

    Right on point for my son, and always has been. He's an awesome little sleeper!

  6. Posted by rachelmuchmore, — Reply

    Good luck getting a newborn to sleep 8-9 hours at night 😂😂

  7. Posted by diatonically, — Reply

    Lol yeah ok. Not realistic at all.

  8. Posted by wowzerie, — Reply

    Babies are going to be so upset and hungry if you go by this.

  9. Posted by jjexnjjungkxxk, — Reply

    Im a teen and i get like 4 hours of sleep is that bad? LMAO 😂

  10. Posted by taralynr13, — Reply

    haha, not real life.

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