Anyone who has ever worked in the retail sector probably knows the age-old motto: “The Customer Is Always Right.” While this is a well-intentioned piece of advice for good customer service, it doesn’t mean it’s true!


  1. Posted by pleasanceone, — Reply

    S’ok if someone wants the manky old popcorn, just means more hot fresh popcorn for me!

  2. Posted by jetlagfairytales, — Reply

    what a fucking idiot

  3. Posted by kirigirisleftglove, — Reply

    I would add in the popcorn on the floor to make it extra fresh for her!

  4. Posted by fern_aine, — Reply

    As hermione would say ‘what an idiot’

  5. Posted by ylee2024, — Reply


  6. Posted by vivalafuckyou, — Reply

    People make my brain hurt

  7. Posted by randomraptor, — Reply

    To be honest, stale popcorn is good.

  8. Posted by thrawn1087, — Reply

    This is why im nice to the employees

  9. Posted by kiyoomi__, — Reply

    I work in an ice cream shop had a guy come in with his friend a couple days ago, and I could see him smirking to his friend as I took their order. I prepared what they wanted and after they paid, his friend walks away but the guy kinda lingers and leans into the register area. He’s like “Hey, can you do me a favor? I wanna ask you a question” so I’m suspicious but agree, and he asks for my number, so when I said I’m 17 he looked away and basically speed walked out

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